TOEIC Zertifikat

Test of English for International Communication

A TOEIC test is a standardised language test that is offered internationally and tests job-related English skills.

The TOEIC test assesses the language level for Business English.

It is accepted in 150 countries.

TOEIC Bridge Test

• Language level A1 to B1, CEFR
• Listening and reading comprehension
• Test duration: 60 minutes

TOEIC Listening & Reading Test

• Language level A1 to C1, CEFR
• Listening and reading comprehension
• Test duration: 120 minutes

Do I have to take part in a language course at the institute before taking the language exam?

No, you can register directly for the language exam if you already feel fit. This saves money and time!

Who can take the TOEIC Test?

This English exam can be taken by any non-native speaker.

Where is it recognised?

The TOEIC test is valued by many companies as reliable proof of an applicant’s job-related English skills.

It is an objective decision-making criterion in the selection for hiring new employees as well as in the promotion of company personnel.

Furthermore, the TOEIC test is accepted by many academic institutions (universities, colleges) as an admission criterion for degree programmes as well as for international exchange programmes.

Evaluation of the test

The candidate receives an English proficiency rating according to the CEFR – Language level: A1 – C1

Objective assessment, immediate evaluation.

CEFR: Common European Framework of Reference

It is a continuous measuring instrument. You always receive proof of your current language skills, there is no such thing as a fail.

Are there different TOEIC tests?

Yes, there is a ‘TOEIC test family’ which includes different test variants.

We offer two versions of the TOEIC test as a remote online- test:

  • TOEIC Bridge Test
  • TOEIC Listening & Reading (TOEIC L+R)

What are the advantages of the TOEIC test?

  • high profile
  • internationally known and recognised test
  • efficient selection processes in employee recruitment save time and money and improve a company’s international competitiveness
  • flexible scheduling
  • cheaper and quicker to perform compared to many other tests
  • the level does not have to be classified in advance
  • Preparation material available
  • Can be carried out conveniently as an online- test plus remote proctoring
  • You are not bound to a specific place, you can go the test wherever you are and feel comfortable: in your own living room, in a hotel room, in the office, etc.

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