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 3 modules – the choice is yours:

1: Language training – without taking a language test

2: Language test – without preparatory language training

 3: Preparatory language training plus language test


Online language test at your favourite location. Our test centre takes care of the remote online-proctoring

  Online language training live in real time

Online classes with your personal trainer

No need to go to a language institute


Get an appointment for your language test as soon as possible

Individual test sessions available  by appointment

No waiting for a group exam

Digital score report available after 5 working days

Choose an internationally recognised language test:

Completion rate 100%

You have a plan, you have a goal: to learn a new foreign language
or to improve your language skills. Very good! Especially when you are learning a foreign language on your own or in a small group, milestones often have a motivating effect.

You can register for the language test without previously attending one of our language courses.

Choose the language you would like to learn


For all levels: Beginners to advanced (CEFR A1- C2)


All levels: Beginners to advanced (CEFR A1- C2);  Business English and Technical English


For all levels: Beginners to advanced (CEFR A1- C2)